One Very Cool Wedding Bar

There’s no better way to finish off your wedding than with a sweet treat, but while the classic candy bar is cute, it’s not very creative or memorable. Instead, we’re loving the idea of swapping out the sugary morsels for a DIY frozen yogurt bar, where guests can customize to their hearts’ content. What could be better for a warm summer evening?

To stock up on the main ingredient—tons of fro yo—you could work with your wedding caterer (who might be able to buy it in bulk), inquire with your nearest frozen yogurt shop, or, if your wedding is at a home, fill the freezer with gallons that you get from the supermarket. For toppings you could stick with the classics (think an assortment of fruits, a few candies, crumbled cookies, nuts and some Asian inspired options like coconut jelly) or go gourmet and involve elements like broken-up dark chocolate with sea salt and toffee, crumbled bacon, chopped figs or local hazelnuts.

Set everything out on a long table, starting with the frozen yogurt, and provide cute spoons and cups for guests to get their fill of the frozen stuff. And, if you’re feeling a little cheeky, we love this sign as decor options.

It’s all the fun of frozen yogurt without the pesky pay-by-weight ending.


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