Ditch The Disposable Cameras

Have you heard of the new photo sharing apps for weddings? We were so excited to find out there’s a way to get your guests’ wedding photos without having to add disposable cameras to your decor or to take the time to search every guest’s Facebook page for low-quality files. There are a few different options, but we were instantly drawn to three that were functional and appealing to the eye: Appily Wed, Appy Couple and Wedding Party (the latter two are actually soon to be released).

Appily Wed, which is based right here in Vancouver, is free for your guests to use and requires a one-time fee from you (starting at $99.99 for 8 months). After signing up, you’ll customize the app with all your wedding info, and guests will be able to see information—and maps!—for events and have an easy way to instantly share photos at the wedding. We tested it out and found it incredibly user friendly, which is great since you’ll likely have guests of all ages (and tech skill levels) wanting to share their shots.

Appy Couple is currently in beta testing, but you can still check out their various designs (arguably the most enticing thing about the app) and view a demo by downloading the app. A more elaborate app, you can use Appy Couple for the more basic functions and to provide nicely-presented info and photos, including who’s who in your bridal party and what your wedding theme is. There are even little games to keep guests entertained (just hope they don’t play them during the ceremony).

Wedding Party doesn’t offer as many features, but we like it because it’s timeline driven, making it easy for guests who aren’t able to attend in person to view the day as it happened. There’s not to much to see since they haven’t released the app or a demo yet, but you can sign up to be the first to know when they do. Best of all, it looks like it may be totally free to use.

What do you think of the idea? Will you be asking your guests to get any of these apps?


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