A Winery Wedding Without Leaving Town

Hopefully you had a great long weekend and that it’s not too painful jumping back into the work week, but if you’re feeling like we are, you’re probably already daydreaming about a great glass of wine once five o’clock rolls around. The good news is that you can sip on a wonderful wine tonight and justify it in the name of wedding planning.

The spot we have in mind? The new Vancouver Urban Winery.

Only a couple blocks from Gastown, the Vancouver Urban Winery offers everything you’d take off to the Okanagan for without the drive, and it’s the first of its kind in the downtown area. Better still, it’s a spectacular space and they’ve opened it up for venue rentals, so you can host a winery wedding without making your guests trek east or find overnight accommodations. 

There are a few catches, like the venue only being available on Saturdays and live music being limited to acoustic bands, but what you get in return—exposed wooden beams, wine barrels, an impressive stone fireplace and a one-of-a-kind open, modern space to fill with 160 of your favorite people—is worth the caveats. And, the many things that are included in the rental, like security and a full sound system, help cross a few things off the to-do list that many unique venues won’t be able to offer.

We think it would be especially well-suited to a fall or winter wedding since the entire venue is indoors and the giant fireplace would give a great cozy feel to the evening.

You can find out more information on weddings at the Vancouver Urban Winery here and check out their pricing here. Our suggestion, however, is that you make your way there as soon as possible to check to out the space in person and sample several of the wines on tap…for research purposes, of course.


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