Seven Great Groomsmen Gifts

Guys are notoriously tricky to buy gifts for and groomsmen are no different, which kind of explains why so many couples end up caving and gifting cliched things like shot glasses. After all, when your to-do list starts rapidly expanding and the days start speeding up, you’re unlikely to find the time to comb different stores looking for perfectly matched gifts for each guy. Today we’re offering you a cheat sheet with seven great gifts that take a note from the classics (yes, there are socks) but have a new twist. Read on to see our picks.

1. Wood Tie Pin Set, $45.00 CAD

It’s never a bad idea to get your groomsmen something they can wear on the wedding day (you know they’ll use it at least once). We like this set of bamboo tie pins because they’re made right here in Vancouver and are laser cut with wildlife designs including a beaver and pine cone. It’s a nice rustic touch to pair with the ties you’ve selected for your groomsmen and won’t break the bank.

2. Corgi Patterened Socks, $28.00 USD

Before you skip ahead at the idea of getting socks for your guy’s favorite guys, let us make our case. First, Corgi socks are likely to be the nicest socks they’ll ever own (they’re the socks of choice for the royal family). Second, they’re kind of a gift for you too, since having your groomsmen wear them with their wedding attire can make for some fun photos and add a little bit of festivity—in the form of stripes and polka dots—to the formal wear.

3. Hot Towel Shave at The Belmont Barbershop, $25.00 CAD

Want to really repay the groomsmen for all their hard work? Help them have their Mad Men moment by footing the bill for an old-fashioned hot towel shave at a retro-styled barbershop. It’s a gift that won’t leave them with stuff to store, and may just set them up with a new favorite place to relax.

4. The Hungover Cookbook, $9.51 CAD

While you may be holding out hope that your groomsmen will keep it together and drink only a moderate amount at your wedding, the weddings of many others indicate otherwise. Help them have a better day-after-the-wedding by giving them one of the manliest cookbooks we’ve come across. It’s filled with recipes that correspond to different types of hangovers and even includes some games and scientific info about hangovers.

5. Timex EXPEDITION Military Field Watch, $84.99 CAD

Anything that can help get the groom and his guys get where they need to be on time is a worthwhile investment. The classic style of the Timex Field watches means they can wear them for years and in locations as varied as downtown offices and remote hiking trails.

6. Distressed Wood Flask, $20.00 USD

The flask is another classic groomsmen gift and we can’t blame them for wanting a little tipple to calm their nerves before their own walk down the aisle. This flask stands out from the rest (it’s even more unique than monogrammed options) and is a classier choice than most we’ve seen. One note: It’s vinyl wrapped, like a race car, not made of actual wood.

7. Fabric Knot Cuff Links, $12.50

In the line of unique takes on classics, these fabric cuff link manage to mesh casual with cuff links. We like all the color options, but the red and navy would be incredibly perfect for a wedding with even the slightest nautical touch.


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