A Better Booth

Even if photo booths have become an expected fixture at weddings, they’re still a ton of fun for guests—and an easy way to keep them entertained when you’re busy with your own wedding day responsibilities. But lest you think all booths are created equal, let us tell you that technology has advanced far beyond just your standard strip of pictures and a better booth can really improve the experience.

Case in point, Sweet Pics, which rents state-of-the-art-booths with some pretty darn cool features.

For one thing, they print the fastest photo strips in North America, which means no more than a few seconds wait for you and your guests. If they want to do things in a more digital way, guests can also e-mail their strips while they’re still inside the booth or post them to Facebook in real time (fun but slightly dangerous for your more tipsy guests). You’ll get a lot of other less techie but equally beneficial features too, including double strip printing, 4x6s of favorite shots, and the option of quickly switching between a smaller arcade-style setup and a larger group-friendly space. 

Maybe our favorite feature of all, however, is that guests can leave video messages for you and your guy over the course of the evening. Not only are you likely to get some much more candid (and fun!) messages than you would sending a videographer around the room, but you’ll also be able to feel like you connected with people you might not have had one-on-one time with on the big day.

You can find pricing, contact info and even a promotion on the Sweet Pics website.


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