A Hit And A Miss: Nicole Miller Spring 2013

In a sea of staggeringly expensive wedding dresses, Nicole Miller’s gown stand out for their much lower price tags. They also, however, stand apart from some of the affordable peers for actually looking—and feeling—like the wedding gowns that will cost you several months earnings. Nicole Miller dresses have rich-looking details, like nice lace work and on-trend beading, and they’re almost always cut to make your body look even better than it is.

We love that the Nicole Miller spring 2013 bridal line is taking those darling details and running with them, leaving you with a collection that it’s a little more creative than some of the past Nicole Miller bridal sets, while still  focusing on simplicity.

If our hit looks familiar to you, it’s because there was a very similar version last year that was strapless and slightly less fitted. That dress became practically the number one gown for destination weddings (seriously, look to any used wedding dress site and you will find many ready for a second life), and this one could do similar for weddings of all kinds. It’s simple, but still interesting, and it’s going to look good on you while leaving room for you to play around with fun accessories or bright makeup.

Our miss might look familiar too, except that to us it looks familiar because we feel like we might have seen it at the mall a few years back. Sure, we like  the lace and the dainty cap sleeves, but something about how short it is seems unsophisticated, and the harsh straight-across neckline is a 90s throwback we were fine without. Yes, it’s not a horrible miss, but it doesn’t match up to the rest of the collection.

Adamantly agree? Couldn’t disagree more? Let us know in the comments!


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