A Bachelorette Party Under The Big Top

While the first famous men that come to mind for a bachelorette party are the Chippendale dancers in Vegas, we’ve got a different set of guys in mind for an even better evening: The Ringling Brothers.

Whether you’ve always dreamed of running off to join the circus or not, months of balancing budgets, making lists and planning your dream wedding likely have the idea sounding pretty tempting, and it’s easy to do…for one day, at least. Circus West, Vancouver’s very own circus school, is full of tumbling, juggling, trapeze-swinging people of all ages, and it’s one of the most creative options for a stagette that we’ve come across. 

Ready to become the girl on the flying trapeze? All you need to do is gather your gals (you’ll need at least six people to book a workshop), call at least two weeks in advance to book, and have a little flexibility on the date since they have regular classes they have to accommodate. Plus, at $30 per person, it’s a far cheaper—and far funner—activity than most nights out (though you can always make your way to the bars after you’re finished clowning around).

And the good news for your groom is that this circus that won’t pack up their tents and head out of town at the end of the day, so he won’t have to worry about you skipping out on your new life together. Except maybe once a week for a class.


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