Beauty And The Bride: Tapping Into Fall’s Beauty Trends For Your Big Day

The fall fashion runways aren’t usually the first place we look for bridal inspiration. Mainly because the aesthetic, although exciting, is usually a little too out there to translate into wedding day appropriate, especially when most brides want to look natural, soft and romantic. But, we’ve decided we’ve been too quick to dismiss the often-outlandish creations, so we’ve picked our six favorite fall beauty trends from Elle and found simple ways to tweak them for wedding day wear. They’re still not as natural looking as a pale pink lip and a couple coats of mascara, but if you’re a bold bride or want to dress up a simpler gown with more interesting hair and makeup, we’ve got you covered.

1. Color-blocked Eyelids

Before you get any crazy ideas, put down the purple eyeshadow. For this trend to work on your wedding day, think shades of brown, taupe or copper instead. Apply the same subtler philosophy to the blocking part of the color blocking equation, softening the divisions between colors and opting for three main areas: Inner corner of the the eyelid, inner eyelid, and outer eyelid.

2. Retro Bouffant

Conveniently this is one trend that’s already suited to your big day. Like all of the trends, however, it still needs a little toning down. It also needs some adjusting so you don’t end up look out-of-date or boring. Go big enough to add interest, avoid a plain chignon or too-slicked down bangs, and make it a bit messier to keep things modern. If you’re very comfortable pushing the envelope, take even more cues from fall trends and secure a simple ribbon as a headband with the rest of the hair secured in a low ponytail.

3. Plum Lips

Of all the fall trends, this might be the one that becomes the most popular. You won’t have to struggle much to make it wedding-day friendly, just choose a shade that isn’t too dark (unless you’re okay with a goth bridal look) and start by dabbing it on like a stain instead of slicking it on like a lipstick. We like the NARS Pure Matte Lipstick in Terre De Feu.

4. Weathered Cheeks

It seems like every other season, bright cheeks find a way to make it onto the runways. The exact execution is always a bit different, however, and this year it’s extra intense. The idea is to mimic a chapped cheek (think majorly pink) or an endless summer (buy more bronzer!). Since a fully painted cheek may be a bit distracting while saying “I do”, tone it down, but keep the color bright enough that the cheek is what really pops. You’ll have to minimize your other makeup, but the plus side of this trend is that it’s youthful.

5. Shiny Slicked Hair

Luckily shiny hair is perfect for a bride, and as long as you stick with a softer side part instead of straight down the middle, you don’t have to adapt this trend. Use a lighter oil like Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil from Bumble and Bumble so you don’t wind up looking like showers fell off your wedding to-do list.

6. Blunt Bangs

You won’t all be on board with this one, and we’re definitely not suggesting you take the above photo to your hairdresser for her to copy. What we are advising is that if you fairly blunt bangs already, don’t try and figure out a different way to work them into your wedding day look. Embrace them and style them straight on with the rest of your hair straight down or in a simple bun.


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