My Dream Wedding Show

Fall is so close we can feel the chilly temperatures and that means summer, with its numerous nuptials, is practically over, but with the end of wedding season comes other exciting things. Specifically, wedding planning season, when all you brides-to-be get to figure out what you want out for your weddings with the aid of plenty of inspiration (we’ll have you covered) and lots of bridal shows.

Kicking off the months of cooler weather and wedding shows is the brand new My Dream Wedding Show, which will be held at the Shangri La hotel on September 15th, and is the creation of Anca Tantos (owner of Anca’s Bridal).

As venues go it doesn’t really get better than the Shangri La and that’s incentive enough to attend, but other motivators include more than 80 Vancouver vendors who cover almost every aspect of wedding planning, two fashion shows, complimentary appetizers, and a celebrity guest in Kevin Lee (Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills fans will remember him as the wedding planner who didn’t seem to believe in budgets).

And while we usually wouldn’t encourage you to bring your guy along for the fun—unless he’s more wedding friendly than most—this time it’s worth considering since the My Dream Wedding Show will feature a groom’s lounge. What’s a groom lounge? It’s like a little manly oasis in the midst of all the bridal booths, where your handsome husband can do a beer tasting, play golf and plan a paintball outing for his stag, and it should recharge him enough to help you make decisions.

You can buy tickets for the My Dream Wedding Show online, through Anca’s Bridal, or at the door on the day of (expect to pay $25 instead of $20 though), and the show takes place from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (with fashion shows at 12 p.m. and 4 p.m.).


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