Lovely Links For August 24th

Photo by Kelsie Taylor Photography

Hello, sweet readers. Are you as excited about the long weekend as we are? We can’t help feeling like this is the last chance to do all the summery things that have slipped through the cracks, and this means we’ll have to fit lots of s’mores, swims, and stargazing into the weekend. We’re sure some of you, however, will be filling the weekend with your weddings, and in that case, congratulations! For the rest of you brides-to-be, we’ll see you back here next week to once again fill you in on all things wedding related.

Here are your (long weekend edition) lovely links:

+ Although this isn’t a Canadian wedding, the beauty and the budget ($5,000) earned it a spot with today’s links

+ There’s a new spot in town to buy your honeymoon attire

+ A very touching wedding

+ An envelope liner that could trump most invitations

+ Bubbles done right

+ Something to build for your engagement photo shoot

+ Like boudoir photos but for newlyweds

+  A camping engagement shoot for your long weekend

+ The easiest flower crown tutorial we’ve seen

Happy Labor Day!


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