Wedding Cupcakes Get Macho

Weddings  tend to be aimed at pleasing the fairer sex. Pink is a popular color, a huge portion of the attention is on a dress, and flowers find their way into just about everything. Guys, on the other hand, are lucky to get a special cake and a shot of whiskey before the ceremony. It’s a bit unfair, but we’ve got a suggestion to sweeten the deal: Get an even better groom’s cake. Or, in this case, groom’s cupcakes.

Mancakes is Vancouver’s newest cupcake shop and it’s definitely dude friendly. You won’t find frilly frosting, glitter washes and sugary names anywhere, and instead will find yourself facing off against some of the toughest, roughest, most manly cupcakes you’ve ever come across (we didn’t know it was possible either).

Forget red velvet and strawberries and cream, flavor options include bacon chili chocolate (a dark chocolaty cupcake with chocolate ancho chili buttercream and crumbled bacon) and buffalo wing (a daring creation with a spice cake base, blue cheesecake mousse, hot sauce buttercream and crispy chicken “sprinkles”). Of course, for the less adventurous lads there are options like the King Kong (think bananas, chocolate and marshmallow) and rum and coke.

Stock these treats and the men at your wedding won’t have to feel embarrassed about sidling up to the cupcake table, but be warned that while men are the target audience here, all your guests will likely be intrigued by Mancakes. We’d advise ordering accordingly. After all, who can resist a cupcake that puts hair on your chest?


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