Five Wines Worth Serving At Your Wedding

Even if everything else at your wedding goes wrong, good wine will go a long way to earn you goodwill with your guests. The tricky part is finding the right ones. You want wines that are delicious, of course, but they also need have a broad appeal and they can’t break your budget (that’s what the wedding dress is for). Today we’ve gathered five of our latest favorites to get you started in the right direction. And tasting is, naturally, encouraged.


When it comes to balancing cost with quality in red wine, the easiest way to achieve both is to go international. And we’re not talking Napa. You’ll find the biggest bargains in reds from Argentina and Chile, but this Stefano Farina La Ginestra Chianti comes with enough awards to make it worth the slightly higher price (a reasonable $19.99). Wine Spectator gave it an admirable 90 points and placed it in its 100 Outstanding Values of 2011. It should please almost all palates (it definitely did ours).


With such a great wine region right next door, we need not look far for fabulous wines, and this Nk’Mip Chardonnay is a can’t-go-wrong white at $16.99. It’s got a good balance of fruit notes and oak, and chardonnay is what most guests will be the white wine varietal most guests are going for.


The name may be tongue in cheek, but the taste of the Chat En Oeuf Rosé is nothing to laugh at. The vineyard has been getting great buzz lately and Vancouver magazine deemed it worthy of a spot among its best Rosés of 2012 for its classic blend and bright flavors. Yes, it’s better suited to summer and pretty much demands to be served outdoors, but at $12.99 it’s worth the conditions.


Not concerned with your budget? Or wanting a bottle for you and your hubby to enjoy alone? Despite it’s dark, non-wedding-appropriate name and label, Orin Swift’s The Prisoner will fit the bill. It showcases everything great about California wines and is delicious enough that you’ll forget about the $49.99 price tag.


Champagne isn’t exactly a crowd pleaser. For every person who loves it, you’ll find someone who will happily pass (and needs an Advil if they have even a glass). That said, champagne toasts are kind of a wedding staple, and it’s a nice option to have throughout the night for those bubbly lovers we mentioned. This Chamdeville Blanc De Blancs Brut is affordable enough at $13.99 for everyone to raise a glass, offers some nice notes, and will look gorgeous displayed on a table (and yes, we know looks aren’t everything).


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