Beauty And The Bride: Our Favorite Makeup Tutorial Sites

Attention, brides-to-be, beauty school is now in session…online. If you’re planning on doing your own makeup for your wedding (or even just the big events surrounding the day itself), there’s a lot you can learn from the internet, and you can decide how basic—think false eyelash application—or elaborate of an education you’d like to get.

So, pull out your pencils, because here are our five favorite makeup tutorial websites.

1. The Beauty Department

We love The Beauty Department for all the tips and tricks it offers for more common makeup applications that most of us use daily. Whether it’s heating a kohl pencil eyeliner to turn into an intense gel eyeliner, swiping your waterline clean after makeup application or how to create the illusion of a fuller lip, these are tutorials we can all benefit from, and they’re explained simply (so even newbies needn’t fear).

2. Lisa Eldridge

Lisa Eldridge is a famous name in the makeup world, often called on by both fashion houses and celebrities. On her site, you can learn her methods without paying her (well-earned) fees. We’ll warn you, however, that once you start watching her videos you’ll likely be hooked. Maybe it’s the clean sets, the beautiful looks she creates, or simply her soothing voice and accent, but we can’t stop watching. Seriously. Start with the bridal make-up tips and go from there.

3. Temptalia

With more than 57,000 fans on Facebook alone, Temptalia is obviously favorite of makeup lovers across the web. We like that it features both general tutorials, like how to contour, and guides on how to achieve bold, colorful looks, all while filling you in on the latest and greatest makeup releases. Almost as enticing as the tutorials is the Dupe List on the site, where you can search for lookalikes for items you can’t find/afford.

4. Beauty Editor

While Beauty Editor may not feature as many tutorials as some of its counterparts, which appreciate the fact that it’s Canada’s contribution to the online beauty world. Once you make your way through the video guides, which include a tutorial on flawless foundation, you can start on the great written content, which is full of tips on everything from getting good skin to picking the right eyeglasses.

5. Beautylish

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer number of tutorials on this site, but having so many videos has an upside: You can find almost any information you need. Think of it like a filtered YouTube. Yes, it can be all over the place, but sometimes you want to vary your learning, moving from, say, a DIY fruit facial to advice on erasing a double chin, and the methods for airbrush makeup using the Temptu system.


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