Lovely Links For September 28th

Dear readers, parting is such sweet sorrow. Even when it’s only for two weeks. We’ll be out of the office—but hard at work on great new content, including a brand new column—until October 15th. We know you might be a little lonely without us, but hopefully the upcoming bridal shows we’ve told you about will keep you so busy that you’ll barely even notice we were gone. See you back here in a couple weeks?

Oh, and a parting gift in the form of this week’s lovely links:

+ We miss Granville Island and summer

+ How to create a wedding website using Tumblr

+ A truly lovely bridal shower

+ Take advantage of your pre-marriage status by entering this contest

+ This PNE engagement session is dreamy

+ Vancouver photography darling Jamie Delaine shot her 100th wedding and it’s a beauty

+ There’s a Vera Wang trunk show this weekend (and the black dresses will be there!)

+  Make sure to look at all the photos

+ Psst, Vancouver wedding vendors, this one is for you

Don’t forget about us!


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