Preowned Wedding Dress Roundup 10/16/12

In the coming weeks, you’ll be seeing some changes around here, and one of them is with preowned wedding dress roundups. We’ll be featuring these posts just as often, and they’ll still be full of fabulous Vancouver wedding dresses, but we will be discussing the dresses less (unless there’s something important to note about the gown) and letting the pictures—and descriptions on the linked websites—speak for themselves. Let us know what you think!

1. Rivini Armane, $1,700/originally $3,400

The exact gown to show off your shape (and famous from Say Yes To The Dress).

2. Lazaro 3607, $2,000/originally $5,950

A departure from Lazaro’s usual soft, ethereal looks, and perfect for fall and winter weddings. Added bonus: It’s never been worn.

3. Oscar De La Renta, $1,500/originally $5,500

Love the shape and material but the bows seem a little over top to you? They did to the current owner too, and she had them removed. A smart modification in our books.

4. Watters Adelaide, $2,000/originally $4,500

This dress is downright dreamy in photos, trust us.

5. Enzoani Dillon, $750/originally $1,500

The classic strapless lace mermaid dress at a price that you won’t beat.

One note: As with anything for sale online, it’s important to buy smart. Use a trusted online money service to pay for your dress (PayPal and are good options) or meet the bride in person—with a friend.


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