A Hit And A Miss: Pnina Tornai For Kleinfeld Fall 2013

Pnina Tornai is the queen of Kleinfeld and everyone who’s ever tuned into Say Yes To The Dress will know the name. But, while she’s prolific, her dresses suit a specific taste. In perusing her fall 2013 collection for Kleinfeld, we saw several that we couldn’t quite believe were actually intended as wedding dresses, and one that stood out as a clear favorite.

Our hit, like almost all of the dresses in the Pnina Tornai for Kleinfeld fall 2013, is sheer, but the beautiful beading and slightly more conservative cut keep it from being overly risque and plant it firmly in the romantic category. Of course, you’ll need a couple key accessories: A great set of nude undergarments and plenty of bravery.

Speaking of overly risque, we’re pretty sure our miss is actually a 2-in-1 wedding dress and wedding night outfit. Just remove the huge tulle skirt and you’re got something that would make many men blush. Especially if you opt to keep the elbow-length lace gloves (is anyone else thinking Pretty Woman?).

Adamantly agree? Couldn’t disagree more? Let us know in the comments!


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