Beauty And The Bride: Five Beauty Tricks That Use Around The House Items

Sometimes the littlest things have the biggest payoff, and here at Wed In Vancouver, some of our favorite beauty tricks take next to no time and use items you’ve likely got hanging around the house already. You have nothing to lose by trying them, and we’re pretty sure you’ll like them so much you’ll find yourself incorporating them in your wedding day beauty prep.

1. Clean Up Crew

We know what you’re thinking: A Q-Tip? That’s hardly a beauty breakthrough. But while you’ve likely been using q-tips to clean up stray eyeshadow and the like, you might be forgetting an important area to swipe. After you’ve applied your liner (whether it’s liquid, powder or pencil), run a q-tip along your lower waterline. Cleaning up that area will make your eyes look bigger—and you look younger—without you having to skip definition along your lashes themselves.

2. Scrub Love

Your wedding ceremony kiss is probably the most watched kiss you’ll ever have, and, more than that, you want to make it a good one for your new husband. For his sake and the sake of your lipstick application, you need to make sure you start with a smooth surface. Don’t bother springing for spendy exfoliants and just massage a little raw sugar mixed with water onto your lips and rinse off.

3. Eggcellent

Poor pores. They’re one of the most complained about features. Almost everyone wishes they were smaller and cleaner and, basically, invisible. Expensive potions can help, but so can your breakfast. Save some egg whites for this facial and you’ll find yourself with tighter pores and brighter skin.

4. Don’t Stray

Yes, you should brush your teeth before your wedding, but you should also use a (different) toothbrush to add a flawless touch to your hairstyle. Just spray the toothbrush lightly with your favorite hairspray (we like L’oreal Elnett) and then use the bristle-y brush to  gently comb baby hairs and flyaways into your ‘do—even if that ‘do is just beachy waves.

5. Extra Credit

Mascara smudges are annoying and can cost valuable wedding prep time if you have to redo your eye makeup. Stash an unwanted credit card (finally, a purpose for that junk mail!) in your beauty bag and use the card as a shield between your lashes and your skin as your apply mascara.


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