A Hit And A Miss: Watters Fall 2013


We like Watters not just for their designer, but for the fact that they can be a little more accessible (unlike, say, Monique or Vera), and we found some more styles to love in their fall 2013 collection. Of course, we also found a few that has us feeling less smitten. Here’s our favorite and our least.

Our hit is slightly celebrity inspired. Yes, we’re talking about Jessica Biel and the pink gown she donned to say “I do” to Justin Timberlake. We’re thinking pink may be poised for a big comeback—it’s often more flattering than white—and this dress does it just right. The colour isn’t too intense, the style soft and romantic, and the detailing creative but not too eclectic or over-the-top.

And the miss? That’s a style we don’t think is poised for a comeback. Not only can that crossed halter make your neck look shorter (never good for photos), the keyhole it creates is like a big neon arrow pointing to your cleavage. If that’s something you’re down with on your wedding day, more power to you, but, for us, it lacks some of the refined beauty we like to see in wedding gowns.

Adamantly agree? Couldn’t disagree more? Let us know in the comments!


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