5 Ways To Fight A Wedding Week Cold

Of all the days to have a cold, your wedding is one of the absolute worst. Unfortunately it’s also an incredibly common time to get one. Blame it on the late nights spend DIY-ing, the stresses of seating charts, or the germs brought that come to town with your visiting relatives. Regardless of how you get the bug, it adds extra anxiety to a time that’s already rife with the stuff, and zaps precious energy.

We won’t pretend to be doctors or have discovered the miraculous cure for the common cold, but we have discovered a few bride-approved cold remedies along the way, and today we’re sharing them with you. They’re easy, affordable, and low risk, so you can try one—or a few—if you find yourself fighting a virus the week of your wedding. Just remember that, like we said, we’re not medical professionals and it’s worth seeking out the advice of your actual doctor when dealing with any illness (and any potential treatments). Oh, and don’t forget that rest truly is key. Make time for naps, even if you have to nix a few items from your wedding list to do so. 

1. Tea Time

It’s almost instinctive to drink tea when you’re sick. Instead of just reaching for the mint or chamomile, however, we’ve heard the best results come from a slightly less tasty blend of ginger, honey, cinnamon, cayenne and apple cider vinegar. Don’t worry, it’s not (quite) as bad as it sounds. To make this cold-fighting concoction, slice a two-inch long piece of ginger into 1/4 inch slices (you can pound them with the handle of the knife to release more juice) and bring to a boil with a couple cups of water. Once the water boils, turn it off and let the ginger steep for 10 minutes before mixing in a tablespoon of honey, a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon, and a dash of cayenne. Strain out the ginger and drink while warm. Why does it work? Some of the ingredients have antibacterial and immune-boosting properties.

2. An Earful

You know what’s not fun on your wedding day? Having to guess what everyone said since you have such intense congestion in your ears you can’t hear it. Many people swear by a hydrogen peroxide rinse to remove buildup, and now that some of us have tested it out, we’re on board too. Plus, it may go beyond just clearing your ears and actually help you recover from your cold faster since it can kill germs on contact. How do you do it? Reach for that trusty bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide (there’s one is almost every medicine cabinet) and pour a very small amount into the cap. Next, pour a couple drops from the cap into one of your ears, with your head leaning to the opposite side to keep the peroxide from dripping out. After a couple minutes, lean your head to the other side and let the peroxide drip out onto a paper towel. Repeat on the other side.

3. Rinse and Repeat

Yes, this is one of the grossest cold treatments. And, yes, it’s one of the most effective. The incredibly irritating runny nose, the sinus headaches, the mucus that’s making you sound so far from bridal? Using a neti pot can help with all that, and all you have to do is accept the idea of fitting a tiny tea pot-type container to your nostril and pouring slightly salty water through your nasal passages. Okay, that’s not the easiest thing to do. But it’s worth it. Trust us. Find more advice on this cold cure here (and banish your fiance to another room while you attempt it).

4. Special FX

If it’s good enough for Don Cherry, it’s good enough for us. Okay, so maybe that’s not our entire logic on the matter, but whatever way we justify it, we do feel COLD-FX can help. Yes, it’s a little more money than some cold remedies, but we’ve heard too many swear by its results to hold that against it. And, really, if you’ve spent $10,000+ on a wedding, is a $25 bottle of COLD-FX that could help you be healthy on the big day such a splurge? Follow their dosage exactly for a big boost of ginseng and hope that Grapes is right.

5. (Pho) Chicken Soup For The Soul

The oldest trick in the book has its title for a reason. Sodium-heavy canned chicken soup, with its mushy noodles, is a thing of the past though, and you’re better off hitting your nearest Vietnamese restaurant for the cold and flu killer known as chicken pho. It’s not a scientifically proven recommendation, but we’ve seen the spicy, citrus-y dish work wonders on a range of symptoms, and you can even give your wedding guests a heads up that it’s supposed to be helpful for dealing with hangovers. Find a great pho spot here.


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