Preowned Veil Roundup

This week we decided to take a slight departure from wedding gowns and go searching for beautiful preowned wedding veils instead. After all, a great deal is just as enticing with your accessories as it is with the big purchase, right? Here are the five that we ended up choosing as our favorites.

{clockwise from top left}

1. Double-Layer Tulle Veil, $80/originally $200

A nice blend between classic and contemporary, this veil is a timeless style with sparkly edging to liven things up. Plus, the moderate length is great for brides hesitating to go too short or too long.

2. Paloma Blanca V415F, $200/originally $350

Designer veils aren’t easy to come by preowned, so expect this soft, romantic option to go quickly.

3. Beaded Headband, $30/originally $65

No, it’s not technically a veil, but this winter-appropriate wedding accessory can be worn with one (and it’s sweet on its own too).

4. Sara Gabriel Birdcage Veil, $100/originally $180

This veil could still be your something new, as it’s never been worn. The retro style and the subdued ivory colour, however, both lend a very vintage feel.

5. Bubble Veil, $105/original price not listed

Bubble veils are making a comeback, and we like them for the fun they inject into wedding day attire.

One note: As with anything for sale online, it’s important to buy smart. Use a trusted online money service to pay for your dress (PayPal and are good options) or meet the bride in person—with a friend.


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