Advice From The Editor: Wedding Decor That Does More

I’ve yet to meet a bride who didn’t want at least a little decor for her wedding (and I’ve met some seriously low maintenance, “weddings aren’t a big deal to me” brides). So, while I wouldn’t exactly call decor the most crucial part of a wedding, I’d say it gets pretty high priority, and I’m betting you’ve already started thinking of yours. What I want to do today, however, is encourage you to think bigger.

I’m not talking about taking your decor in an even grander direction—though that can be fun—but about considering your wedding decor in the long term. Confused? Let me explain.

When I was getting married, I had a hard time settling on a feel for the wedding. At times I was confident I wanted white and modern with splashes of gold, and then I’d start getting excited about a cacophony of colour. I was, truly, all over the wedding decor map. In the end, though, I decided on a rustic feel that matched the outdoor setting, and one of the biggest reasons I chose it was because it seemed the most timeless to me. I didn’t want to look back at my wedding in five or ten years and feel it was dated or trendy.

I began purchasing items that would complete the vision: Wooden bushel baskets, vintage crates, rustic milk bottle-style vases, you get the idea. And here’s where the “think big” I’m talking about comes in. Those items are now finishing out their days in my home, lending that same rustic feel to my daily decor. And I love it!

Not only did it make outfitting our newlywed pad easier, but it made all those purchases we made for the wedding less wasteful (and more worthwhile financially!), and, best of all, when I see these items, I feel happy and nostalgic and get to remember one of the greatest days of my life.

So, what I’m suggesting is that you think of your decor not just in terms of your wedding, but in terms of what you like to look all the time. Maybe you’ll end up with a few pieces that are perfect for your house (whether that style runs bright, neutral, modern or vintage). Maybe you won’t. I certainly hope you do, but even if it doesn’t work out that way for you, thinking of wedding decor in a larger way will ensure you end up with a  wedding look that you love in a lasting way.



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