Not Your Mother’s Macaron

Macarons used to be a rare wedding dessert, but these days they’re more popular than the cupcake. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t find a unique way to feature them for your own nuptials. You just have to know where to look. Here’s a hint: Kawaii Eats

In addition to making the classic sweet and subtle-looking pastel-coloured macarons, Melany, the brainstorming baker behind Kawaii Eats, takes her creations in other quirky directions. Like Hello Kitty. Think they’re cute? That’s, literally, what Kawaii means in Japanese, and we can think of more than a few brides who would love to include their favorite feline in their receptions. But, if you’re not into cats—cartoon or otherwise—she bakes up other characters too, including Mameshiba and a Panda complete with tail. It’s not just the outside that counts either, Kawaii Eats macarons have more creative, Japanese-inspired fillings like green tea, Yuzu, black sesame and red bean buttercream.

You won’t find Kawaii Eats by combing the streets since it doesn’t have a store front, but you can sample the sweets by hitting up one of our local craft fairs or markets, and you can contact Melany about ordering via her website, which also shows off some of other creations, including a macaron wedding cake.

P.S. If you love the look of macarons but have nut allergies that keep you from taking a bite, Kawaii Eats is also the only place in town (that we know of) that does nut-free macarons.


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