Five Different Save The Dates For Five Different Wedding Styles

save the dates

Save the dates are one of the easiest ways to set the tone (and theme) of your wedding since they’re the first thing your guests will see. So, today we’re featuring five very different save the dates for five very different wedding styles. We selected our save the date cards from Wedding Paper Divas because we like that you can order samples of the cards (when in doubt, seeing a hard copy can really help you decide), and they’re a good balance of affordability and quality. Plus, unlike many stationery companies, they frequently offer specials (today you can get 50 percent off of address labels and gift tags).


Thought it’s still nowhere near as popular as the rustic theme, we’re seeing a rise in the modern wedding trend. It’s great for couples who don’t get as excited about soft and romantic settings as they do about clean lines, cool fonts and all things current. This save the date has need-to-know information cleanly laid out without a single floral accent or curving type, and would let your guests know early on that this wedding will be different. P.S. Want more modern wedding ideas? Check out our inspiration for a techie wedding.


Vintage weddings will never go away, and we’re fine with that since they’re so darn pretty (and timeless!). We like this save the date for its bride and groom silhouettes—a rare find on affordable wedding stationery—and scalloped border. If the black is a bit too intense for your taste, it comes in truffle and velvet also (or you can order a custom colour). The matching invitation is worth a peek too.


Oh rustic, with its mason jars and burlap runners and wildflowers. It’s no wonder it’s so popular, especially since it can often be done for much cheaper than, say, a glitzy wedding. We picked this save the date because the wooden wine cask inspiration felt fitting and the creative circular shape is an easy way to stand out from the rest. Fair warning: You’ll have to pay a little more in postage.


We have a confession: We kind of love eclectic weddings. You know, the ones where the bride and groom focus on what feels fun to them and what colours make them happy and on having a good time, plain and simple. You can always tell in the photos, and there’s something so touching about embracing who you are as a couple full force. We chose this save the date for that kind of couple. Guests will know you’re not taking thing too seriously…and that they should wear their dancing shoes.


Last, but obviously not least, is classic. The blank canvas. Opting for this save the date allows you to go in any direction you choose with your wedding decor, including simple and minimal. Of course, since we like classic but can’t help looking for a unique twist, we chose an invitation that’s actually a magnet, which forgetful guests will appreciate when they see a daily reminder of your wedding date.

One note: This is not a sponsored post, we just really like the stationery from Wedding Paper Divas. We’ll always let you know when we’re publishing a post as a paid promotion!


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