Top 5 Toasting Flutes

toasting flutes

It’s fun to raise a glass with your nearest and dearest to celebrate your brand new union, and even more fun to do that with a champagne flute that’s out of the ordinary. So, today we’ve tracked down our five favorite champagne flutes for your wedding toast. Some are traditional, some are not. The thing they all have in common is that they’re great to have as time goes on and you have more moments together celebrate as husband and wife. And far more likely to be used than your cake cutter.

{clockwise from top right}

Tiffany & Co. Champagne Flutes, $20.00 each

Can you ever really go wrong with Tiffany? These flutes are a timeless, traditional shape and made from handblown glass. Basically,  they’ll never go out of style. Better still, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more affordable item from Tiffany’s. 

Kate Spade New York ‘Darling Point’ Toasting Flutes, $65.00 for a set of two

We like this set because it blend classic (silver plating) with quirky (the small imprint that reads “mr” and “mrs”). Think of them as a more modern version of his and hers towels.

Crate and Barrel Cameo Sparkling Wine Glass, $14.95 USD each

If you’re a bride who’s always envisioned a princess wedding and loves all things pink, this set should satisfy your desires without making your groom feel weird about picking up his glass. The rose color is subtle and romantic and perfect for a wedding.

Kari Andersen Design ‘Mustache and Lips’ Champagne Flutes, $34.00 USD for a set of two

A set of champagne flutes that doesn’t take itself too seriously isn’t easy to find, but here you have it. And, if you love them so much you want to use them all the time, you’ll be happy to know these handmade glasses are dishwasher safe.

West Elm Honeycomb Flutes, $32.00 USD for a set of four

Like many of you, we can’t get enough of gold, and these incorporate it in a way that isn’t over-the-top or fussy. Plus, since you get four flutes in the set, you’ll have backups in case you ever break a glass (not hard to do after a couple glasses of bubbly!).


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