Advice From The Editor: When To Quit Clicking

wedding planning advice

Even though it existed, Pinterest wasn’t very well known when I was planning my wedding. Now when I’m on the website researching wedding ideas and trends, I sometimes think “this would have been so helpful”. Oddly enough, however, I’m actually glad that I wasn’t a pinning pro while I planned my big day.

Why? For the same reason that it would have be nice to have as a resource: There’s just so much information. I see the thousands and thousands of wedding pins, and I can’t help but think about how hard it would have been to make decisions when every idea spawned hundreds of other ideas, and how dejected I might have felt facing all the other weddings (with their own incredibly thoughtful details) and more accomplished DIY-ers. 

A wedding is supposed to be about you and the one you want to marry, but it can start to subconsciously feel like a competition. You want your wedding to hold up to the other amazing ones you’ve seen, and you want your guests to be impressed. Adding fuel to that fire in the form of Pinterest, wedding magazines, and even blogs like this one can be tricky.

Of course, it doesn’t make sense to quit all those things completely. There’s a lot of helpful information and ideas in those sources that you won’t find other places. That said, it’s important to remember that sometimes you just need to push the power button. To go spend time with your betrothed (who’s probably more sick of wedding planning than you’ll ever know).

Going overboard on information won’t always make your wedding more special—even if you have the most unique favors anyone’s ever seen or a grilled cheese bar at midnight—sometimes it will just make it feel like work. And, that’s a good way to judge whether it would be wise to take a break from all the inspiration out there. When it starts to feel like a chore, stop for a bit. Brainstorming, through a website or magazine, should be fun and exciting, like your wedding. When it’s not, step away. Trust me that Pinterest will be there when you get back, and with even more information than before.



2 responses to “Advice From The Editor: When To Quit Clicking

  1. I think everyone does this a little bit! I definitely had to take a break from wedding blogs after everything started to blur together!

  2. Well written Chloe! It’s also very inline with this article All & Sundry tweeted last week:

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