Beauty And The Bride: Five Beauty Tricks That Use Around The House Items

Sometimes the littlest things have the biggest payoff, and here at Wed In Vancouver, some of our favorite beauty tricks take next to no time and use items you’ve likely got hanging around the house already. You have nothing to lose by trying them, and we’re pretty sure you’ll like them so much you’ll find yourself incorporating them in your wedding day beauty prep.

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Lovely Links For October 19th

Photo by Ciara Richardson

Are you of the camp that loves fall (even when it’s rainy and gray) or are you desperately missing summer? Over here we’ve been indulging in our favorite fall activities, like pumpkin-flavored everything, and the height of wedding show season, and we haven’t felt too sad about the departure of sunshine and late evenings. Besides, gray, rainy weather is perfect for staying indoors and planning weddings.

Here are you lovely links for this week:

+ Brock House Wedding Show isn’t the only wedding fun this weekend

+ And there’s one for you Victoria gals too

+ One of the prettiest weddings we’ve ever seen

+ This could mean some big changes at Vancouver weddings

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Beauty And The Bride: Our Favorite Makeup Tutorial Sites

Attention, brides-to-be, beauty school is now in session…online. If you’re planning on doing your own makeup for your wedding (or even just the big events surrounding the day itself), there’s a lot you can learn from the internet, and you can decide how basic—think false eyelash application—or elaborate of an education you’d like to get.

So, pull out your pencils, because here are our five favorite makeup tutorial websites.

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Beauty And The Bride: Tapping Into Fall’s Beauty Trends For Your Big Day

The fall fashion runways aren’t usually the first place we look for bridal inspiration. Mainly because the aesthetic, although exciting, is usually a little too out there to translate into wedding day appropriate, especially when most brides want to look natural, soft and romantic. But, we’ve decided we’ve been too quick to dismiss the often-outlandish creations, so we’ve picked our six favorite fall beauty trends from Elle and found simple ways to tweak them for wedding day wear. They’re still not as natural looking as a pale pink lip and a couple coats of mascara, but if you’re a bold bride or want to dress up a simpler gown with more interesting hair and makeup, we’ve got you covered. Continue reading

Lovely Links For August 24th

Photo by Josh Goleman

August is winding down and we can see fall peeking at us from around the corner (or through rain clouds). Hopefully we have plenty of sunny days and warm evenings still ahead, filled with things like the PNE, picnics in Stanley Park, and endless flavors of gelato, but who knows.

One thing we can promise, however, is  more great summery wedding inspiration. In fact, there’s some of right here in today’s lovely links. Enjoy!

+ We can’t wait to see the full post for this colorful Kelowna wedding!

+ An easy DIY trick to add elegance to your invitations

+ This wedding day manicure can be your something blue (and gold)

+ Such a swoon-worthy wedding

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Beauty And The Bride: A Breakout-Free Big Day

It’s bad enough when you get a breakout in your day-to-day life, but it can downright disheartening to contemplate covering up blemishes on your wedding day. So, for all you ladies who haven’t been blessed with perpetually flawless faces (pretty much everyone), today we’ve got some tips that can help you ensure you’re captured with smooth skin in your wedding photos.

1. Know Your Enemy

It’s hard to come up with a plan of attack unless you know what you’re up against. In this case, it’s definitely worth taking a few minutes to figure out what type of acne you’re battling, since types caused by different triggers—like stress and hormones—can require different treatments.

Head over here to read up on the causes and don’t be afraid to analyze your own face in the mirror for a few minutes (it’s your bridal right to spend awhile gazing at yourself). Continue reading

Beauty And The Bride: The Perfect Peach Makeup

The saying “pretty as a peach” didn’t come to be without good reason. Peaches are the perfect shade of coral pink, plump and enticing. In short: We can’t wait for August when the Okanagan will be laden with them. In the meantime, we’re taking our beauty inspiration from our favorite fruit, and tapping into all things peachy to achieve a sweet youthful look. The kind that’s just right (or, in this case, ripe) for wedding day makeup. Here are a few of the peach potions we’re currently obsessing over.

{From left to right}

Essie Nail Polish In Tart Deco, $9.75

Sure, a pale, pale pink is the classic look for wedding day nails, but aren’t these more fun and summery? Especially if you happen to be holding a bouquet with some similarly striking peachy pink blooms. And, if you end up caving and going neutral for your nails on the big day, you can always show off this shade at the bridal shower.

MAC Eye Shadow in Free To Be, $18.00

Peach isn’t the easiest shade to pull off on your lids. Done wrong it can look like you haven’t slept in days—and are having your own Dazed and Confused moment. If you do it right, however, by applying minimally and pairing with bronze shadows and a nice coating of black mascara, it can actually refresh your face and make a statement.
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Beauty And The Bride: Five Steps To A Flawless Face

Of all the things you really want to perfect for your wedding day makeup, complexion will also be number one in our books. Why? Because it’s the main thing people will notice, can make the biggest difference in your photos, and can need some extra help if you haven’t been getting eight hours a night or ended up eating way more fast food than you had wanted while you ran wedding errands.

In fact, we’d go so far as to say that if you put the time in to give yourself a glowing visage, you could do little more than swipe on some mascara and still look stunning. But how do you mimic the skin of someone who’s been on a health retreat for weeks when you’ve been doing anything but? Follow our five steps.

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Headdress Up

Lovelies, we’re starting the week with some serious pretty, and we think you’ll be as smitten with our latest find as we are. The source of all this stunning? Posh Veils, a collection of creative wedding veils and bridal headpieces from Toronto-based designer Sharon Chironda.

Now, we’re big fans of classic veils (and Posh Veils carefully crafts those too) but what’s really got us going is Chironda’s unique takes on the most common wedding accessory.

In fact, we swooned so much about the uniquely different styles, we had a hard time picking which ones we wanted to highlight for you. Here are our suggestions for the first few (but we know you’ll want to see them all once you check out a couple of these): The perfect accoutrement to a beach wedding with nautical elements, something to wear for a 60s-inspired wedding, a final touch for a fashion fiend, the natural choice for a royal bride, and a Kim Kardashian- reminiscent topper (no, it’s not bad luck!).

Hopefully you don’t have a hard time picking just one for your wedding. In the meantime, we’ll be trying to figure out how to work each into our daily attire!

Beauty And The Bride: Advice From The Editor Edition

This week we’re merging two of our columns, and I, your faithful editor, am going to reveal some of my absolute favorites from my makeup bag. It may not seem like that big of a deal, but if you knew how secretive I can be about the potions I use to fake a flawless visage, you’d know that this may only happen once (so it’s worth taking note).

Hopefully these little wonders are as good to you as they’ve been to me!

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