Lovely Links For January 11th

photo by K and K Photography

Photo by K & K Photography

Well, lovely readers, we’re almost two weeks into the new year. How are you doing on your resolutions? While we haven’t followed through on everything—some nights just need a glass of wine—we’ve been keeping up with most of our goals. Like, not getting sucked down the rabbit hole of Pinterest (unless we’re finding really great stuff) and not beating ourselves up if we don’t make it to every bridal show. Speaking of which, are you making plans to attend the It’s My Wedding show this weekend? It’s the Fraser Valley’s chance to shine, and well worth checking out.

Enjoy your lovely links!

+ Everything you need to know about It’s My Wedding

+ A breathtaking seaside wedding

+ Couture gowns from our own city

+ Vancouver Island’s biggest bridal show

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Top Wedding DIYs of 2012

photo by Jagger Photography

Photo by Jagger Photography

If you’re looking for a way to get the DIY inspiration flowing, we highly recommend you head over to Green Wedding Shoes. They’ve rounded up their favorite DIYs of 2012. From the oversized scrabble tiles pictured above to every kind of giant paper flower and creative backdrop, there’s plenty of fuel for your creative fire.

Lovely Links For January 4th

New Year's wedding

Don’t you find the start of a new year to be exciting? It’s so full of possibility and the chance at great positive changes. Changes like, for many of you, being engaged. While many people will tell you not to get too caught up in bridal things, we’d like to tell you not to hold back too much either. Planning a wedding is rarely ever as exciting as it is the first few months, and you should enjoy. Bask in it. It’s (hopefully) a once in a lifetime opportunity, and you have every right to enjoy it and go a little overboard.

Now on to this week’s lovely links:

+ There’s a wedding show for Okanagan brides this weekend…

+ …And city outskirt dwellers who don’t want to drive downtown

+ A sweet way to ask your bridesmaids the big question

+ Easy homemade facial recipes from the pros at Blanche Macdonald

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Lovely Links For December 14th

Debi Parker Photography

Photo by Debi Parker Photography

Today we’re not going to tie you up with small talk and are going to get right to the good stuff. Why? The holidays are here and we know you have things to do, and trust us when we say, we would not want to keep you from any hot chocolate-sipping, gingerbread-baking, Bing Crosby-listening fun.

So, without further (or any) ado, here are this week’s lovely links:

+ An very elegant wedding…with Xbox-controller cookies

+ Wreath wedding decor that isn’t too holiday centered

+ These would make great guest favors

+ Want to ditch the wedding cake for a tower of donuts? Order these

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Inspiration For A Techie Wedding

tech wedding

{send these invitations (which feature helvetica, naturally), have the groom keep his data at hand with USB cufflinks, wear this Rebecca Taylor gown in a nod to binary code, swap centerpieces for custom Viewmasters, string up these DIY geometric garlands, and finish your cake with this emoticon topper}

Lovely Links For November 9th

Photo by Sandor Welsh

One of the great things about planning a wedding is that you get to spend a lot of your time day dreaming, and that’s an especially enviable element when it’s November and the weather is what it’s been lately (yuck!). We’ve been alternating between fantasizing about all the fun stuff of summer wedding and conjuring up mental images of the perfect cozy winter weddings. It’s almost kept us from noticing the gray ugliness going on outside…almost. Hope you’re having a similar experience as you work on your own weddings!

To help you further escape the dreariness, here are this week’s lovely links:

+ There is something so dreamy about this engagement shoot

+ For realistic over-the-top inspiration

+ The most creative take on “something blue” we’ve seen

+ This is why we love DIY

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Inspiration For A Halloween Wedding

{deck out your husband-to-be in these cufflinks, don this gown, cut this Maggie Austin cake, send guests home with bloody caramel apples, decorate with these white pumpkin vases, and pour this wine}

Lovely Links For September 28th

Dear readers, parting is such sweet sorrow. Even when it’s only for two weeks. We’ll be out of the office—but hard at work on great new content, including a brand new column—until October 15th. We know you might be a little lonely without us, but hopefully the upcoming bridal shows we’ve told you about will keep you so busy that you’ll barely even notice we were gone. See you back here in a couple weeks?

Oh, and a parting gift in the form of this week’s lovely links:

+ We miss Granville Island and summer

+ How to create a wedding website using Tumblr

+ A truly lovely bridal shower

+ Take advantage of your pre-marriage status by entering this contest

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Lovely Links For September 20th

Photo by Sarah Rhoads

Today is the last official day of summer. Tomorrow we can get away with staying in to sip pumpkin spice lattes, donning a sweater, and curling up with a good book, even if the weather’s sunny and warm. Although most people don’t gravitate toward fall weddings, we think they can be some of the very prettiest. After all, time it right and your photographs get the most colorful backdrop just from nature’s yellows, oranges and reds. So we’re excited to see—and show—some great autumn weddings and wedding inspiration in the coming months. That is, when we can pull ourselves away from cooler evenings spent by the fire.

Here are this week’s lovely links:

+ This eclectic wedding will linger with us for a long time

+ Not only is this the coolest bow tie we’ve seen, it’s on sale!

+ Pretty e-card wedding invitations (some of them free)


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Lovely Links For September 14th

Photo by Oh, Darling! Photography

This is, officially, the last weekend of summer, but we’ll be spending most of it indoors. Why? The My Dream Wedding Show and the Grand Wedding Show both take place this weekend (the first on Saturday and the second on both Saturday and Sunday). We’re excited to see what all the Vancouver vendors are up to and get lots of great ideas to bring back to you here, and that makes up for missing any sunshine time.

For now we’ll leave you with this week’s lovely links:

+ Will we see you at the Grand Wedding Show this weekend?

+ A wedding with its very own flash mob

+ Time to call Vancouver Aquarium

+ Simply magical

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