Lovely Links For January 11th

photo by K and K Photography

Photo by K & K Photography

Well, lovely readers, we’re almost two weeks into the new year. How are you doing on your resolutions? While we haven’t followed through on everything—some nights just need a glass of wine—we’ve been keeping up with most of our goals. Like, not getting sucked down the rabbit hole of Pinterest (unless we’re finding really great stuff) and not beating ourselves up if we don’t make it to every bridal show. Speaking of which, are you making plans to attend the It’s My Wedding show this weekend? It’s the Fraser Valley’s chance to shine, and well worth checking out.

Enjoy your lovely links!

+ Everything you need to know about It’s My Wedding

+ A breathtaking seaside wedding

+ Couture gowns from our own city

+ Vancouver Island’s biggest bridal show

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Top 5 Toasting Flutes

toasting flutes

It’s fun to raise a glass with your nearest and dearest to celebrate your brand new union, and even more fun to do that with a champagne flute that’s out of the ordinary. So, today we’ve tracked down our five favorite champagne flutes for your wedding toast. Some are traditional, some are not. The thing they all have in common is that they’re great to have as time goes on and you have more moments together celebrate as husband and wife. And far more likely to be used than your cake cutter.

{clockwise from top right}

Tiffany & Co. Champagne Flutes, $20.00 each

Can you ever really go wrong with Tiffany? These flutes are a timeless, traditional shape and made from handblown glass. Basically,  they’ll never go out of style. Better still, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more affordable item from Tiffany’s.  Continue reading

Lovely Links For December 14th

Debi Parker Photography

Photo by Debi Parker Photography

Today we’re not going to tie you up with small talk and are going to get right to the good stuff. Why? The holidays are here and we know you have things to do, and trust us when we say, we would not want to keep you from any hot chocolate-sipping, gingerbread-baking, Bing Crosby-listening fun.

So, without further (or any) ado, here are this week’s lovely links:

+ An very elegant wedding…with Xbox-controller cookies

+ Wreath wedding decor that isn’t too holiday centered

+ These would make great guest favors

+ Want to ditch the wedding cake for a tower of donuts? Order these

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Inspiration For A Techie Wedding

tech wedding

{send these invitations (which feature helvetica, naturally), have the groom keep his data at hand with USB cufflinks, wear this Rebecca Taylor gown in a nod to binary code, swap centerpieces for custom Viewmasters, string up these DIY geometric garlands, and finish your cake with this emoticon topper}

Lovely Links For November 30th

Photo by Vadim Daniel Photography

You guys, this is the last day of November. The last day before December, in all its holiday glory, descends upon us. And while we are—as you’ve noticed—very excited about all that festive fun, do you know what’s even more exciting? With the holidays comes many, many engagements. We can practically feel the excitement and sense the wedding magazines flying off the shelves as new brides-to-be start planning their big days and spend their mornings staring distractedly at their new ring-finger bling. You can’t hear us yet, soon-to-be-engaged gals, but we can’t wait to have you here and share all things Vancouver wedding with you!

Here are this week’s lovely links:

+ Just plain amazing

+ Take note, winter brides

+ Make a wedding dream board and you could score three bridesmaid dresses (we call that win, win)

+ Let this be a reminder to bring chalk for your wedding day photos

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Not Your Mother’s Macaron

Macarons used to be a rare wedding dessert, but these days they’re more popular than the cupcake. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t find a unique way to feature them for your own nuptials. You just have to know where to look. Here’s a hint: Kawaii EatsContinue reading

5 Ways To Fight A Wedding Week Cold

Of all the days to have a cold, your wedding is one of the absolute worst. Unfortunately it’s also an incredibly common time to get one. Blame it on the late nights spend DIY-ing, the stresses of seating charts, or the germs brought that come to town with your visiting relatives. Regardless of how you get the bug, it adds extra anxiety to a time that’s already rife with the stuff, and zaps precious energy.

We won’t pretend to be doctors or have discovered the miraculous cure for the common cold, but we have discovered a few bride-approved cold remedies along the way, and today we’re sharing them with you. They’re easy, affordable, and low risk, so you can try one—or a few—if you find yourself fighting a virus the week of your wedding. Just remember that, like we said, we’re not medical professionals and it’s worth seeking out the advice of your actual doctor when dealing with any illness (and any potential treatments). Oh, and don’t forget that rest truly is key. Make time for naps, even if you have to nix a few items from your wedding list to do so.  Continue reading

Lovely Links For October 26th

Happy almost-Halloween, readers! Will you be dressing up this weekend or staying in to watch some scary movies? We’re hoping to do both, and that there will be plenty of candy consumption too. Don’t forget, this is one of the only holidays where you get to take a break from being a bride and become something else (like a ghost or goblin), get out there and take advantage!

Now the lovely, albeit not so spooky, links for this week:

+ Want to know the right way to hold a bouquet?

+ A gorgeous wedding with wonderful pops of red

+ We love these art-inspired wedding cakes (now who wants to make some Canadian masterpieces?)

+ There are lots of beautiful gowns to try on at Blush this weekend

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Inspiration For A Halloween Wedding

{deck out your husband-to-be in these cufflinks, don this gown, cut this Maggie Austin cake, send guests home with bloody caramel apples, decorate with these white pumpkin vases, and pour this wine}

Lovely Links For September 20th

Photo by Sarah Rhoads

Today is the last official day of summer. Tomorrow we can get away with staying in to sip pumpkin spice lattes, donning a sweater, and curling up with a good book, even if the weather’s sunny and warm. Although most people don’t gravitate toward fall weddings, we think they can be some of the very prettiest. After all, time it right and your photographs get the most colorful backdrop just from nature’s yellows, oranges and reds. So we’re excited to see—and show—some great autumn weddings and wedding inspiration in the coming months. That is, when we can pull ourselves away from cooler evenings spent by the fire.

Here are this week’s lovely links:

+ This eclectic wedding will linger with us for a long time

+ Not only is this the coolest bow tie we’ve seen, it’s on sale!

+ Pretty e-card wedding invitations (some of them free)


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