Five Different Save The Dates For Five Different Wedding Styles

save the dates

Save the dates are one of the easiest ways to set the tone (and theme) of your wedding since they’re the first thing your guests will see. So, today we’re featuring five very different save the dates for five very different wedding styles. We selected our save the date cards from Wedding Paper Divas because we like that you can order samples of the cards (when in doubt, seeing a hard copy can really help you decide), and they’re a good balance of affordability and quality. Plus, unlike many stationery companies, they frequently offer specials (today you can get 50 percent off of address labels and gift tags).


Thought it’s still nowhere near as popular as the rustic theme, we’re seeing a rise in the modern wedding trend. It’s great for couples who don’t get as excited about soft and romantic settings as they do about clean lines, cool fonts and all things current. This save the date has need-to-know information cleanly laid out without a single floral accent or curving type, and would let your guests know early on that this wedding will be different. P.S. Want more modern wedding ideas? Check out our inspiration for a techie wedding.

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Inspiration For A Techie Wedding

tech wedding

{send these invitations (which feature helvetica, naturally), have the groom keep his data at hand with USB cufflinks, wear this Rebecca Taylor gown in a nod to binary code, swap centerpieces for custom Viewmasters, string up these DIY geometric garlands, and finish your cake with this emoticon topper}

Stamp Of Approval

custom wedding stamp

Do you know about the Canada Post app? We’re not normally so excited about the postal service, but the app includes an incredibly easy way to create custom wedding stamps.

The feature is called Picture Postage, and it makes it almost shockingly easy to put your own pictures or designs into official postage. Seriously, it takes only a matter of minutes.

All you have to do is download the app, open Picture Postage, choose a stamp layout, and upload a picture or design from your device’s library. Our recommendation? Transfer one of your professional engagements photos or other high-quality pictures to your device and use it, or have a tech-smart friend whip up a great graphic design in Photoshop (you could even attempt this silhouette tutorial). Alternatively, use an artistic shot that works well with your invitation theme instead of featuring the two of you as a couple.

You can download the app here.

We’re Im-Pressed

While our beautiful city has plenty of great things going for it, there are some things we lack, like steady sunshine and  lots of letterpress options. The former affects us all and the latter is a little more wedding specific, but while the weather doesn’t seem to be getting any better—rather the opposite—the letterpress scene is improving thanks to the Porchlight Press. Continue reading

Button Up

We’re always scratching our heads about wedding favours, and we think many couples are too since they’re becoming increasingly less common at weddings. Most of the time it’s not a big loss, missing out on a shot glass or some nicely packaged beach sand, but we’re still in favour of favours…at least the really good ones.

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Lovely Links For August 24th

Photo by Kelsie Taylor Photography

Hello, sweet readers. Are you as excited about the long weekend as we are? We can’t help feeling like this is the last chance to do all the summery things that have slipped through the cracks, and this means we’ll have to fit lots of s’mores, swims, and stargazing into the weekend. We’re sure some of you, however, will be filling the weekend with your weddings, and in that case, congratulations! For the rest of you brides-to-be, we’ll see you back here next week to once again fill you in on all things wedding related.

Here are your (long weekend edition) lovely links:

+ Although this isn’t a Canadian wedding, the beauty and the budget ($5,000) earned it a spot with today’s links

+ There’s a new spot in town to buy your honeymoon attire

+ A very touching wedding

+ An envelope liner that could trump most invitations

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Lovely Links For August 24th

Photo by Josh Goleman

August is winding down and we can see fall peeking at us from around the corner (or through rain clouds). Hopefully we have plenty of sunny days and warm evenings still ahead, filled with things like the PNE, picnics in Stanley Park, and endless flavors of gelato, but who knows.

One thing we can promise, however, is  more great summery wedding inspiration. In fact, there’s some of right here in today’s lovely links. Enjoy!

+ We can’t wait to see the full post for this colorful Kelowna wedding!

+ An easy DIY trick to add elegance to your invitations

+ This wedding day manicure can be your something blue (and gold)

+ Such a swoon-worthy wedding

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Lovely Links For July 20th

{photo by Our Labor Of Love via Once Wed}

A friend of mine got married recently, and it was so interesting to hear her thoughts on weddings after hers was over. Partially because they were so similar to my own. What we both noticed is that the thing that often stands out, after it’s all done, and the thing that really makes it feel magical, is the overwhelming amount of love, care and joy expressed toward the two of you from your friends and family. More than maybe any other time in your life.

It’s easy to forget that’s an aspect of it when you’re wrapped up in little details, but when it hits, it feels so profound and so much more meaningful than what favors guests will be taking home or how your dress looked. It’s shocking too, to suddenly hear just how much the people in your life want good things to happen to the two of you, but shocking in an incredibly wonderful way.

So, when things get a little crazy in the months and weeks leading up to your wedding, remind yourself that there’s something bigger—and better—ahead that has nothing to do with planning or budgets.

And, now, the links we’re loving from around the web this week:

+ An engagement shoot that will make you feel all warm inside

+ These bread table-number holders would be perfect for a foodie wedding

+ Genius signage

+ A wedding ring that stays with you even when it’s off

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Inspiration For …

{use printable record labels for DIY record invitations, wear this Sarah Seven Gown, serve dessert on a DIY vinyl record stand, give guests toy harmonicas, have bridesmaids carry pretty ukuleles instead of flowers, pin a DIY sheet music boutonniere on the groom}