Cute Butt..ler

We’ve given you lots of ideas for tame Vancouver stagettes, but what if you’re looking to plan an evening that’s a little less all-types-appropriate? We’ve got that covered (or, in this case, uncovered) too, and it’s not what you might expect. In fact, we’re just suggesting you hire a less extra help for your event…it just happens to be handsome help.

The company is called Butlers In The Buff, and the services provided are exactly what the name implies. Hire a Butler In The Buff and you get an attractive, charming guy who will serve drinks or food, collect and wash dishes, and even get everyone playing games. Oh, and the Buff part? That doesn’t just refer to their physiques. The standard outfit is a white collar, black bow tie, white cuffs with cuff links, and a little black apron that gives you a cheeky peek every time your Butler walks away. Continue reading