Advice From The Editor: When To Quit Clicking

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Even though it existed, Pinterest wasn’t very well known when I was planning my wedding. Now when I’m on the website researching wedding ideas and trends, I sometimes think “this would have been so helpful”. Oddly enough, however, I’m actually glad that I wasn’t a pinning pro while I planned my big day.

Why? For the same reason that it would have be nice to have as a resource: There’s just so much information. I see the thousands and thousands of wedding pins, and I can’t help but think about how hard it would have been to make decisions when every idea spawned hundreds of other ideas, and how dejected I might have felt facing all the other weddings (with their own incredibly thoughtful details) and more accomplished DIY-ers.  Continue reading


Interview With An Expert: All and Sundry {part two}

all & sundry interview

Last week we delved into eco-friendly wedding planning (and the minds of expert wedding planners Amy and Kamelli of All & Sundry) , and this week we’re lightening our green lean to focus more on general tips for hiring and working with a wedding planner. We hope you’ll find their advice helpful (we definitely did!) and encourage you to head over to the All & Sundry website and blog to see more from this talented twosome.

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Interview With An Expert: All and Sundry

all & sundry interview

Today we’re so excited to be featuring not one but two eco-friendly wedding planners as our experts! We feel strongly about finding ways to get greener with weddings—most have a carbon footprint that’s far from romantic— and we’re guessing a lot of you feel the same away. So, who better to help you figure out how to do that than Amy and Kamelli, the lovely ladies who operate All & Sundry wedding planning in Vancouver and Edmonton?

Now let’s get to the good stuff. Scroll on to find out all their advice and insider tips, and come back next week for part two.

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Stamp Of Approval

custom wedding stamp

Do you know about the Canada Post app? We’re not normally so excited about the postal service, but the app includes an incredibly easy way to create custom wedding stamps.

The feature is called Picture Postage, and it makes it almost shockingly easy to put your own pictures or designs into official postage. Seriously, it takes only a matter of minutes.

All you have to do is download the app, open Picture Postage, choose a stamp layout, and upload a picture or design from your device’s library. Our recommendation? Transfer one of your professional engagements photos or other high-quality pictures to your device and use it, or have a tech-smart friend whip up a great graphic design in Photoshop (you could even attempt this silhouette tutorial). Alternatively, use an artistic shot that works well with your invitation theme instead of featuring the two of you as a couple.

You can download the app here.

Advice From The Editor: Wedding Decor That Does More

I’ve yet to meet a bride who didn’t want at least a little decor for her wedding (and I’ve met some seriously low maintenance, “weddings aren’t a big deal to me” brides). So, while I wouldn’t exactly call decor the most crucial part of a wedding, I’d say it gets pretty high priority, and I’m betting you’ve already started thinking of yours. What I want to do today, however, is encourage you to think bigger.

I’m not talking about taking your decor in an even grander direction—though that can be fun—but about considering your wedding decor in the long term. Confused? Let me explain. Continue reading

5 Ways To Fight A Wedding Week Cold

Of all the days to have a cold, your wedding is one of the absolute worst. Unfortunately it’s also an incredibly common time to get one. Blame it on the late nights spend DIY-ing, the stresses of seating charts, or the germs brought that come to town with your visiting relatives. Regardless of how you get the bug, it adds extra anxiety to a time that’s already rife with the stuff, and zaps precious energy.

We won’t pretend to be doctors or have discovered the miraculous cure for the common cold, but we have discovered a few bride-approved cold remedies along the way, and today we’re sharing them with you. They’re easy, affordable, and low risk, so you can try one—or a few—if you find yourself fighting a virus the week of your wedding. Just remember that, like we said, we’re not medical professionals and it’s worth seeking out the advice of your actual doctor when dealing with any illness (and any potential treatments). Oh, and don’t forget that rest truly is key. Make time for naps, even if you have to nix a few items from your wedding list to do so.  Continue reading

Interview With An Expert: Millie Kuyer Photography {part 2}

Last week we kicked off our interview with Millie Kuyer of Millie Kuyer Photography and shared her advice on the early stages of choosing a photographer, this week we’ve got her insider info on what follows that selection. Read on (especially if you’ve always been self conscious in front of the camera!).

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Interview With An Expert: Millie Kuyer Photography

Today we kick off a new column we’re really excited about. While we fancy ourselves fairly knowledgeable about most things wedding related, we don’t have the kind of specific, long-earned information that different experts in the wedding industry have. You’ll find those insider tips and tricks in our “Interview With An Expert” articles, starting today with one of the elements of a wedding that almost everyone opts for and that many of you have plenty of questions about: Photography.

Our expert is Millie Kuyer of Millie Kuyer Photography, and she gave us so much great input on finding a photographer, working with a budget, and what to expect from your expert, that we’ve decided to split it into two posts. Read on for advice on the early stages of hiring a photographer, and come back next week to get the low down on what to expect once you’ve found one. Continue reading

Advice From The Editor: Picking A Maid Of Honor

Picking a maid of honor isn’t easy. Even when you think it’s easy. It’s a lesson I’ve seen many brides learn, and it can have a pretty big impact on your wedding day. So, today, I’m offering up my thoughts on how to tackle the tough decision…and why you shouldn’t always go with the obvious choice.

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Advice From The Editor: Five Things I Would Do Differently

With weddings, as with life in general, it’s good not to have regrets. Even the things that didn’t go according to plan probably happened that way for a reason, and wishing they were different accomplishes nothing but makes you feel worse about everything. I don’t believe in regrets, and, luckily, few things on my wedding day would have entered the category even if I did. That said, I do feel like I learned some lessons and there are a handful of things I would do differently if I was getting married all over again. These things don’t keep me up at night or take away from the wonderfulness of my wedding day, but they may just be able to make your big day even better, and that makes me think they’re worth writing down. Continue reading