Lovely Links For January 4th

New Year's wedding

Don’t you find the start of a new year to be exciting? It’s so full of possibility and the chance at great positive changes. Changes like, for many of you, being engaged. While many people will tell you not to get too caught up in bridal things, we’d like to tell you not to hold back too much either. Planning a wedding is rarely ever as exciting as it is the first few months, and you should enjoy. Bask in it. It’s (hopefully) a once in a lifetime opportunity, and you have every right to enjoy it and go a little overboard.

Now on to this week’s lovely links:

+ There’s a wedding show for Okanagan brides this weekend…

+ …And city outskirt dwellers who don’t want to drive downtown

+ A sweet way to ask your bridesmaids the big question

+ Easy homemade facial recipes from the pros at Blanche Macdonald

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Lovely Links For July 20th

{photo by Our Labor Of Love via Once Wed}

A friend of mine got married recently, and it was so interesting to hear her thoughts on weddings after hers was over. Partially because they were so similar to my own. What we both noticed is that the thing that often stands out, after it’s all done, and the thing that really makes it feel magical, is the overwhelming amount of love, care and joy expressed toward the two of you from your friends and family. More than maybe any other time in your life.

It’s easy to forget that’s an aspect of it when you’re wrapped up in little details, but when it hits, it feels so profound and so much more meaningful than what favors guests will be taking home or how your dress looked. It’s shocking too, to suddenly hear just how much the people in your life want good things to happen to the two of you, but shocking in an incredibly wonderful way.

So, when things get a little crazy in the months and weeks leading up to your wedding, remind yourself that there’s something bigger—and better—ahead that has nothing to do with planning or budgets.

And, now, the links we’re loving from around the web this week:

+ An engagement shoot that will make you feel all warm inside

+ These bread table-number holders would be perfect for a foodie wedding

+ Genius signage

+ A wedding ring that stays with you even when it’s off

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Lovely Links For May 11th

Your mom may be focused on her “mother of the bride” role lately, but this weekend is all about her. Hopefully you have some fun plans on how to spoil the number one lady in your life this Sunday (we’re planning things like picnics, tea sessions and lots of chocolate and wine). Happy (early) Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there!

Here are the links we’re loving from around the web this week:

+ A wedding shoot with the mother-of-the-bride in a starring role (and lots of lace inspiration)

+ This playful engagement session by Sharalee Prang

+ Photographic proof of why you should consider wearing Toms on your wedding day

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