Priscilla + Travis

Vancouver Wedding Photographer

When we first saw Priscilla and Travis’ beautiful wedding shot by wedding photographer¬†Tomasz Wagner, we were astounded at the amount of true, touching emotion that was evident in their big day (and how well it was captured by Wagner).

It’s emotion so powerful that it’s contagious, and while we didn’t experience the details first hand—details like a custom-designed Jason Matlo dress and Priscilla’s brother singing her down the aisle—we can’t help but feel the depth of the day just by looking at the photographs.

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Jason Matlo Brings His New Bridal Collection Out On The Town

If you’ve been reading WiV for awhile, you’ll know that we’re big fans of Jason Matlo (he might even be our favorite Vancouver wedding dress designer). So, naturally, we were excited to see what his new 2012 bridal collection would look like at “The Art of Romance” event he just put on. And, naturally, our expectations were totally exceeded.

Every gown that went down the runway at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia clearly said “couture”—and they should with over 3,000 hours of work going into them—and while Matlo managed to keep a clear theme running through collection, he didn’t sacrifice variety to do so. Continue reading

Preowned Wedding Dress Roundup 03/27/12

Today’s preowned wedding dress roundup is all about designer bargains (and jaw dropping dresses), so if you’ve been looking for something affordable that’s going to have the quality craftsmanship and beautiful fit of a big name dress, read on.

1. Monique Lhuillier BL0916, $1,000/originally $2,900

Monique Lhuillier knows how to make a dress fit, and that’s one of the reason brides will splurge for her stunning creations. Thankfully, this preowned gown can fit both you and your budget. Plus, the ruched bodice and trumpet shape are the epitome of flattering. You can check out more photos of the dress at the bride’s beautiful B.C. wedding here.

2. Tara Keely 2052, $1,500/originally $3,000

Our own editor can vouch for how great this dress looks and feels on, and it’s easy to appreciate the tiers and lace detailing. The bride has listed it for sale now, but it won’t be available until after her wedding this July. You’ll save big for your patience, however, and the dress won’t have been sitting in storage. Continue reading