Lovely Links For January 4th

New Year's wedding

Don’t you find the start of a new year to be exciting? It’s so full of possibility and the chance at great positive changes. Changes like, for many of you, being engaged. While many people will tell you not to get too caught up in bridal things, we’d like to tell you not to hold back too much either. Planning a wedding is rarely ever as exciting as it is the first few months, and you should enjoy. Bask in it. It’s (hopefully) a once in a lifetime opportunity, and you have every right to enjoy it and go a little overboard.

Now on to this week’s lovely links:

+ There’s a wedding show for Okanagan brides this weekend…

+ …And city outskirt dwellers who don’t want to drive downtown

+ A sweet way to ask your bridesmaids the big question

+ Easy homemade facial recipes from the pros at Blanche Macdonald

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Lovely Links For November 2nd

Photo by Braedon Photography

Can you believe it’s November already? It seems like we were just saying goodbye to summer. This weekend is the last of the wedding shows for awhile, and while we’ll miss them (until January) we’ll be putting all the great inspiration we gleaned from them to good use here on the site, and that should get us through this cold holiday-free stretch before December rolls around.

On to this week’s lovely links:

+ Check out the cool shoes on this couple!

+ We’d love for someone to snatch this up for their wedding decor

+ Okanagan brides have their own wedding show this Sunday

+ Some epic engagement photos 

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