Advice From The Editor: When To Quit Clicking

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Even though it existed, Pinterest wasn’t very well known when I was planning my wedding. Now when I’m on the website researching wedding ideas and trends, I sometimes think “this would have been so helpful”. Oddly enough, however, I’m actually glad that I wasn’t a pinning pro while I planned my big day.

Why? For the same reason that it would have be nice to have as a resource: There’s just so much information. I see the thousands and thousands of wedding pins, and I can’t help but think about how hard it would have been to make decisions when every idea spawned hundreds of other ideas, and how dejected I might have felt facing all the other weddings (with their own incredibly thoughtful details) and more accomplished DIY-ers.  Continue reading


Advice From The Editor: Wedding Decor That Does More

I’ve yet to meet a bride who didn’t want at least a little decor for her wedding (and I’ve met some seriously low maintenance, “weddings aren’t a big deal to me” brides). So, while I wouldn’t exactly call decor the most crucial part of a wedding, I’d say it gets pretty high priority, and I’m betting you’ve already started thinking of yours. What I want to do today, however, is encourage you to think bigger.

I’m not talking about taking your decor in an even grander direction—though that can be fun—but about considering your wedding decor in the long term. Confused? Let me explain. Continue reading

Advice From The Editor: Picking A Maid Of Honor

Picking a maid of honor isn’t easy. Even when you think it’s easy. It’s a lesson I’ve seen many brides learn, and it can have a pretty big impact on your wedding day. So, today, I’m offering up my thoughts on how to tackle the tough decision…and why you shouldn’t always go with the obvious choice.

Continue reading

Advice From The Editor: Five Things I Would Do Differently

With weddings, as with life in general, it’s good not to have regrets. Even the things that didn’t go according to plan probably happened that way for a reason, and wishing they were different accomplishes nothing but makes you feel worse about everything. I don’t believe in regrets, and, luckily, few things on my wedding day would have entered the category even if I did. That said, I do feel like I learned some lessons and there are a handful of things I would do differently if I was getting married all over again. These things don’t keep me up at night or take away from the wonderfulness of my wedding day, but they may just be able to make your big day even better, and that makes me think they’re worth writing down. Continue reading